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Still great events in Lisbon during the month of April 2024!

With the arrival of Spring, the days lengthen while the time spent at home decreases. And that's good, because there are concerts outside waiting for us!

The Legendary Tigerman - 11 Apr, Lux Frágil

Since the 1990s, Paulo Furtado has been a reference in Portuguese rock and roll.

Patrick Watson - 12 and 14 Apr, LAV

Canadian indie-folk singer-songwriter Patrick Watson has a beautiful, ethereal voice. Continue with the themes from the album Better in the Shade (2022). Take the stage at Lisboa Ao Vivo accompanied by Portuguese guests.

Judeline - 12 Apr, Musicbox

It is one of the greatest promises of Spanish urban music. With just one EP and a handful of singles released, he was signed by Universal. She's gonna debut on Musicbox before becoming the star she threatens to become.

Diogo Piçarra - 20 Apr, Sagres Campo Pequeno

Taking the stage at Sagres Campo Pequeno to show what his latest album is worth!

Lisbon awaits you! Contact us to book your stay via or visit us at

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