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Escape Room Experience

Are you looking for some adventure and challenge during your trip to Lisbon? We have outlined for you the details of this great experience below


Located within a 2 minutes walking distance from Hotel Luena, you can choose from 6 different escape room experiences.

In theory the game is quite simple! You will be in one of the available rooms with your friends or family for 1 hour and in order to exit, you will need to discover the secrets that the room holds for you.


The most important tools of this game are: Your mind, communication and team work! Sounds quite easy right? Then, give it a try!



Available languages: Portuguese and English


What is included:

  • Escape Room experience for an approximate duration of 1 Hour for 2 guests (maximum 6 people per room)


What Escape Rooms are available for you to choose from?


  • Prision Escape: Based on one of the most acclaimed television series about Prison Escapes, everyone who enters the room must have the necessary courage and determination to reach the end. Only the most daring will be able to star in the most spectacular escape of all time.


  • Catacomb Jones: Inspired by the cinematic odyssey of the world's best-known archeology professor, this mission is full of adventure, history and mysteries! Aimed only at the most fearless and daring, the hat and whip are a must!


  • The White House: Current and unsettling, this is the most real mission. Inspired by the political landscape, the atmosphere is contemporary, an adventure that is too close to the truth. The salvation of the world is in the hands of those who explore it. This room is intended only for the most lavish of the escapes!


  • 008: License to Escape: In the service of His Majesty, those infiltrated in this mission will have to become MI6 spies and face the worst villains in history, with great charm, and snatch challenges and hearts.


  • Templar´s Codex: A controversial mission immersed in the intricacies of history and secret societies! Aimed at the most methodical and shrewd, it is inspired by the best-selling book of the 21st century and just approaching this room already puts you in great and mysterious dangers.


  • Ocean´s 5 – The Robbery: A sewer, a team, a safe. Starring in one of the most fantastic robberies ever and getting out unscathed, being a real chameleon, getting in and out in 60 minutes! Glory or imprisonment, do you accept the challenge?


Price: 50 EUR for 2 people

Additional participant: 10 EUR per person


Terms & Conditions:

Free cancellation until 24 hours prior starting time.

Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the experience is subject to 100% cancellation fee.

Each Escape Room experience can hold a maximum of 6 people.

All prices above include VAT.

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