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Where to have lunch this Easter!

This Sunday is Easter day and is synonymous with bringing the family together at the table and the traditional roast goat cannot be missed!

Therefore, we leave you suggestions for restaurants that have prepared a special lunch or brunch for this season! 🐰

Located in Chiado, Easter lunch will be served at Ristorante and Terrazza, between the 29th and 31st of March.

The menu costs €65, plus €35 if you want wine pairing. Reservations must be made on the restaurant's website!

Allora is an Italian trattoria that combines sophistication and relaxation in the right doses. For Easter lunch, a special menu is available (€48 per person).

Lunch also includes an egg hunt, where the prize is a handmade chocolate egg, sculpted by the pastry chef!

At Alexandre Silva's restaurant, Easter lunch is prepared as tradition dictates – in a wood-fired oven!

To book, simply call 217 970 052 or email to

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