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Places in Lisbon that are Pet Friendly!

Public transport

In Portugal, we can use our public transport to travel with our pets.

What are the conditions for traveling with your dog on the metro?

In the case of the Lisbon metro, the transport of unrestrained pet animals is permitted as long as they do not represent a danger, are properly muzzled and contained on a short leash. Furthermore, the guardian must have the updated health report and license in their possession.

And what about buses?

The rules are identical, that is, the transport of dogs traveling with their owner is permitted, as long as they are well conditioned and have a leash and muzzle.


If you are visiting the city of Lisbon you can start including your pet in your social calendar! There's nothing better than taking your four-legged friend with you to explore the city of Lisbon.

Let's leave the names of pet friendly restaurants below seriously, which means you can enter the establishment without fear. In many there are even drinking fountains with water, so you won't be missing anything!

From Café Janis, a restaurant, to the Dallas Burguer Joint, a classic American diner, located in Cais do Sodré. They also have O Cotidiano, a great brunch in Greater Lisbon, O Honest Greens, which is a healthy food option at Expo, among others!

To eat and ask for seconds!


The Pavilion of Knowledge is officially Pet Friendly!

With the stamp of “Museu Amigo dos Animais/Pet Friendly”, it also hopes to raise public awareness of the importance of consciously adopting animals!

A station will be installed in the Ticket Office area to identify and control the animals, check their registration form and explain the rules of conduct in the museum, which comply with a Regulation.

Each animal receives a PATAporte that guarantees entry to the museum. In the outdoor space there will also be several water points for animal consumption.


If you want to go to the beach with your dog, you can do so within certain rules. On concession beaches (with lifeguards and support infrastructure) you can only do this outside of the bathing season and on non-concession beaches you can go with your dog throughout the year. One of the beaches in the area where you can go is Praia de Santa Marta, located next to the Cascais Marina.

Shopping Centers

You can also take your best friend with you to certain shopping centers!

LouresShopping and Alegro Alfragide now accept dogs!

To enter LoureShopping with a dog you will need to have a passport, which will contain the animal's data and which will be issued after presenting "specific documentation".

Although the common space of LoureShopping is fully covered by the dog friendly modality, each store may or may not allow animals in – this indication will be at the entrance of each one.

In the case of the Alegro Alfragide shopping center, owners must check their dog in at the information desk. Here, the owner must present the CC or ID, as well as the dog's up-to-date vaccination record, chip registration, municipal license and the animal's civil liability insurance.

This gives the owner a 'Happy Passport' which confirms that the dog is authorized to roam, always with its owner, of course, on the surface of the Shopping Center. This passport is valid for one year.

Afterwards, it is still necessary to fill out an information sheet with details of the dog and owner. The latter must also sign a liability waiver “for any damage caused by the dog during its stay in the shopping center”.

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