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5 ideas to enjoy Autumn in Lisbon!

The end of summer dictates new rules for what to do in the city and, therefore, we went looking for the best autumn tips, which usually leave the city with other colors, with more earthy tones, where browns and yellows predominate.

Take refuge in the cinema

Family movie night. With the milder weather, a film can go down really well, right?

Enjoy the warmth of the cinema, especially on colder days.

Warm your heart with chestnuts

If the days get colder, hearts get warmer (with chestnuts!). In autumn, the streets of Lisbon are perfumed by the aroma of the much-loved roasted chestnuts. The white smoke that comes out of the charcoal grills announces its arrival, soothing the body and soul of children and adults alike. Sold in paper cones, usually by the dozen, they vary in price from €2 to €4.

Is there a better way to get to know the city on an autumn afternoon?

Shelter from the rain in the theater

Return to the theater! With intermittent weather, where rain comes more regularly, watching a play is always a winning option. The rental program is full of strong arguments to make us return to the theater. You need to pay attention, as some pieces are only on the scene for a few days, but, in any case, there are pieces for all tastes!

Knock down some pegs

To play bowling, all you need is a good disposition and some (yes, a lot of) technique. In autumn it is a good solution to escape the wind and entertain family or friends. Even if you don't strike, the laughs are guaranteed.

Enjoy the best that Autumn in Lisbon has to offer!

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