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Wonderland Lisboa 2023

Wonderland Lisboa is the most enchanting destination in the Portuguese capital this Christmas season. In addition to enchanting everyone with the decoration, entertainment and craft stalls, there are also delicious food stalls!

This year promises many attractions and entertainment for the whole family: there will be an ecological Ice Rink, a giant Christmas Tree (around 19 meters high!), the famous Ferris Wheel, trampolines and carousels, the Christmas Train, a Village for the youngest, Christmas Market and lots of music and joy!

Do your Christmas shopping in a relaxed and open-air way and have fun with the whole family!

And if the savory snacks are already an irresistible attraction, the sweets at Wonderland Lisboa are true works of edible art! From traditional farturas and churros to the most elaborate cakes and pies! Lose yourself in the enchanted world of sweets and try a wide variety of sugary products such as: croissants, tripe, crepes, waffles, chocolates, gummies, cookies, bonbocas, brigadeiros and many types of cakes!

Wonderland Lisboa, located in Parque Eduardo VII, begins on November 30, 2023, and ends on January 1, 2024. An entire month to enjoy the best that the Portuguese capital has to offer.

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