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The famous roasted chestnuts in Lisbon!

November is traditionally the month of roasted chestnuts and it is around this time that chestnut roasters appear everywhere with their special carts, a tradition that has been well known in the Lisbon Region for many decades.

We can find on several streets in Lisbon, from Baixa to Santa Apolónia, vendors selling “hot and good”, warning those nearby that there is a batch coming out. Sold in 6 or 12 units, roasted chestnuts are a comfort for cold hands and your stomach, whether as a starter, dessert or just as a snack between meals!

So you will definitely find the famous roasted chestnuts all over Lisbon! So combine business with pleasure and take the opportunity to take a stroll through the streets of Lisbon while stopping for a snack or two!

There are roasted chestnuts being sold right outside our Hotel to start the journey in a great way, and then go down Almirante Reis to Terreiro do Paço and be enchanted by this experience, not just Portuguese gastronomy, and let yourself be enveloped by Portuguese culture in the streets!

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