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The biggest Book Fair in Lisbon

Here comes the 93rd edition of the Lisbon Book Fair and it will be the biggest edition ever! Starting on May 25th and ending on June 11th 2023.

The highlight goes to the 340 pavilions and 981 publishing brands, which will be filled with books and culture in Parque Eduardo VII, known for carrying to this traditional book fair in the capital. And now even more environmentally friendly, it has more sustainable pavilions!

Eduardo VII Park is already a very pleasant walk, but welcoming all the life of Lisbon this week will certainly be a memorable walk.

The catering area, which has always been super appetizing, will have greater gastronomic diversity to satisfy all tastes!

Whether for a meal or just for a treat, it promises to have wonderful varieties for all tummies!

The Lisbon Book Fair has plenty of activities for all ages and will also have presentations, new book launches, prize giving, the famous autograph sessions and much, much more!

Enjoy Lisbon in the best way! If you have any questions, contact our team at or in our website at

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