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The best pet-friendly beaches to go with your dog!

Over time, several municipalities have created pet-friendly beaches where owners can enjoy the summer in the company of their dogs. On these beaches there is usually some equipment that makes staying on the beach easier, such as waste bag dispensers and rubbish bins. Below we present the list of dog-friendly beaches in Portugal, so you can better plan your holidays!

Pescadores Beach - Oeiras

In the Cascais Line, you will find this pretty beach, that is equipped for your dogs best interests, its has a signage, a drinking fountain, a limited area for people accompanied by pets, a bag dispenser for dog waste and regular cleaning!

Ursa Beach - Sintra It is close to Cabo da Roca, the famous westernmost point in Europe. Rocks make up the scenery around it, but rest assured that the sand is fine. The result is an eye-catching postcard, but remember that a long walk awaits you from the car park until you finally reach the sea. Ideal for taking the dog or pack or simply enjoying the isolation!

Baleal Beach Camping - Greater Lisbon

Praia do Campismo has an extensive sandy beach, with calm waters suitable for swimming. Wild, it has no surveillance, so it is possible to go with your faithful companion.

You can race and play while enjoying the surfers' tricks.

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