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The Best Ideas to Celebrate this Easter in Lisbon with your family

Easter is almost here and there's nothing better than spend it with your family in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Therefore, if you still don't know what to do during this season, we give you some ideas to take advantage of these Easter holidays with your family.

Go on an unforgettable Egg Hunt

Easter is not Easter without an Egg Hunt with the little ones! A super fun activity that the whole family can participate in. All you have to do is choose a peaceful garden and embark on this fun activity for an afternoon well spent! There is the Jardim da Alameda which is a 10-minute walk from the Hotel Luena, the Jardim do Arco do Cego which is a 15-minute walk and the Campo Grande garden which is a 15-minute drive!

Taste the best of Portuguese cuisine on Easter Sunday

From the more traditional menus, such as the delicious leg of lamb and roast kid ending up with folares and almonds, to other wonderful Portuguese dishes, there are several options, many of them perfect for a family outing! Enjoy the traditional Portuguese gastronomy of this season in the Portuguese restaurants that are spread across Lisbon!

Enjoy the best of cinema

Everyone loves a good movie session, so Cinema City created the 2023 Easter Menu, which consists of 1 regular ticket, 1 small popcorn and 1 50cl drink for just €11! There are several Cinemas City throughout Lisbon, and we have one nearby Hotel Luena, just 10 minutes away by car at Campo Pequeno! Come watch the best movies in theaters, in the company of the best popcorn. The campaign is valid from April 1 to 16, 2023!

Watch the Processions in Óbidos

Duering Easter week, we see some cities in Portugal decorated with purple fabrics, flower petals and, in some locations, spaces that make up the path of processions. One of the cities that receives the most visitors at this time of year to attend local celebrations is Óbidos, which holds a special program of masses, various processions, theatrical representations and also historical and cultural activities about the period. And it's only a 45-minute drive from Lisbon!

We hope that you enoyed our ideas for you to spend Easter with your family in the fantastic city of Lisbon. If you would like to know more, please get in touch at or contact us at

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