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June, the month of Lisbon's biggest festivities! The Popular saints

The wait is over. With June just around the corner, the grills heat up again, the beers cool down and popular singers tune up their voices. All thanks to Saint Anthony, the most popular saint in Lisbon!

Every corner of the city is involved in a different party, with lots of sardines, music and fun!

In Lisbon, popular marches from each neighborhood parade along Avenida da Liberdade towards Rossio, filling the street with hundreds of extras, music and colors. But the excitement doesn't stop there, almost all the neighborhoods, especially Alfama, Graça, Bica, Mouraria and Madragoa, are celebrating! In the squares and alleys, you can eat caldo verde and grilled sardines, sing and dance the night away.

There is no doubt that the festivals are the main attraction of Santos Populares in Lisbon. It is in these authentic and unique neighborhood parties that all the dancers and food and drinks gather.

The Santo António festivals are the best known and are always packed with people; other stingrays are calmer and more familiar, like those from Campo Pequeno; and there are still more alternative ones! Come and discover with us the best that Lisbon has to offer!

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