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Activities to do in the city of Lisbon before 2023 comes to an end!

With the year 2023 coming to an end, you will be surprised to know that there are still many activities you can do in the city of Lisbon with your family!End the year in the best way possible! Below we leave our suggestions!

See the famous Christmas tree in Lisbon

This year, Lisbon turns on its Christmas lights in November, and it's worth taking a trip to Praça do Comércio because this year's Christmas tree will, once again, be glorious and very beautiful.

We are sure that it will be one of the places in the city that most people will visit during this Christmas season. So, don't forget to stop by until January 6, 2024!

Have the most fun on an ice rink

As soon as the Christmas festivities begin in Lisbon, our first Google search is to find out where new ice rinks will be installed in the city.

This year we have already found five locations: the Wonderland ice rink, in Parque Eduardo VII; the ice rink in the UBBO shopping center; the ice rink that will be installed at the Palácio Encantado in Oeiras; the Natal Village of Cascais; and, further away from the city, Vila Natal, in Óbidos.

Electric tuk-tuk tours to see the Christmas lights in Lisbon

This is a program that appeals to people of all ages, ideal for families with children or a group of friends, having been a huge success last year.

Tuk-tuks are not just for tourists and, being electric, they do not contribute to further polluting the city! A perfect way to see Christmas lights for the laziest!

Last days to visit the Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra

The Magical Garden Aladdin Sintra is a true spectacle of light and color that, through a route of around one kilometer, will take you on a magical journey among several giant luminous sculptures, video mapping projections, holograms, augmented reality and interactive installations .

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