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5 Places to dine in Lisbon during the cold weather!

Long sofas, covered terraces, blankets on chairs, a heated environment... everything is valid to ensure comfort during this time when the cold is felt throughout the country and, above all, on less sunny or rainy days!

Here we leave you 5 places to have dinner in Lisbon that are guaranteed to give you all the comfort and warmth you are looking for!

Casa do Leão Restaurant

In Lisbon, and especially in the towns that surround it, you will find some restaurants where the table is set in front of the fireplace and this is the case with this one!

With a sublime view over Lisbon, the Casa do Leão restaurant is located in the Castelo de São Jorge and serves traditional Portuguese cuisine.


Also located in Castelo São Jorge, the view is just one of the reasons why Chapitô is a beautiful Autumn-Winter retreat. On the first floor there is a panoramic restaurant, on the ground floor there is the terrace, more for snacks and grills, which at this point has a cover to keep the cold out – the blankets and heaters are a great help!

Ajitama Ramen Bistro

There is no better feeling than eating a beautiful ramen to warm us up on the coldest days!

More than a restaurant, Ajitama is a true “gateway to Japan”, which is clearly evident in details that enrich the experience.

You have to try it!


It is many people's favorite spot for end-of-day drinks with the sunset in view, right next to the Miradouro de Santa Catarina. The cold doesn't matter at all: there are blankets to put on your back and heaters on both floors. And the alheira croquettes are worth eating and crying for more!

Clara Jardim

With a cozy atmosphere, including a fireplace for colder days, this restaurant extends into a pleasant garden. The service is competent and the food, essentially traditional Portuguese, but also international, has been the subject of several awards!

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